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MMI Menu

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D3 2G Menu

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07 - MMI Head Unit ECU (D3)

Updating MMI Firmware (2G)



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D4 Menu

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Using the phone tags

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Audi Multi Media Interface Menu

The Audi MMI Unit


MMI consists of a single interface, which controls a variety of devices and functions of the car, thus minimizing the vast array of buttons and dials normally found on a dashboard. The system consists of the MMI terminal and the MMI display screen.

The central element of the MMI terminal is the control dial. This dial can be rotated, to navigate up and down through menus, and pressed to activate a selected highlighted function. Four or eight function buttons surround the control dial (dependent on MMI specification installed in the car), which can be used to call up a corresponding on-screen menu. The MMI screen is available as a 5-inch monochrome black & red or 7-inch 16:9 full colour display, depending on the variation of MMI fitted in the car. MMI uses Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) technology to interconnect the various systems. Harman Becker manufactures the system, utilizing QNX Neutrino's Real Time Operating System (RTOS) software.



MMI operates a large number of in car entertainment components, car electronics, and other functions. The list below indicates the scope of systems controllable by MMI. However, depending on the actual car model, along with which version was specified (MMI Basic, MMI High, etc.), only some, and not all functions will be applicable or available.





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